METAZA MPX-90 | fotoincisione 

Come incide Metaza
Metaza, grazie ad una punta conica in diamante, incide la superficie dell’oggetto. La profondità d’incisione è data dalla forza con cui la punta impatta sulla superficie e tale forza deriva dalla sfumatura della foto originale, trasformata prima di essere incisa in toni di grigio.
La parte più scura dell’immagine ha una densità minore mentre la parte più luminosa ha una densità maggiore. In questo modo è possibile riprodurre una fotografia con toni e sfumature perfette anche su metallo.
Tecnologia ad impatto
La punta d’incisione usata da Metaza MPX-90 adotta una tecnologia innovativa che le garantisce una lunga durata e una qualità di dettaglio sempre ottimale.
Grazie a questa tecnologia, MPX-90 ha una qualità d’incisione molto elevata anche su materiali più duri come ferro, acciaio inossidabile, titanio, tungsteno* così come materiali laminati.
La forza applicata durante l’incisione è poi gestita in automatico in base al materiale scelto nel software.
*Durezza Vickers HV 200 o meno



MPX-90 Impact Engraver

The Metaza MPX-90 uses a vibrating diamond to permanently engrave both bitmap and vector images onto flat and irregular surfaces. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary takes just a few minutes, creating stunning personalised gifts incorporating text, logos and photos.

Faster and easier than conventional engraving, now every gift retailer can benefit from increased profits and sales through personalisation. Those looking for an industrial marking solution will also appreciate the increased impact capabilities of the MPX-90, allowing it to permanently mark harder materials such as stainless steel and titanium.

"increase profits and sales through personalisation"

The MPX-90 is the ultimate in portable engraving solutions. Although compact, it has the ability to engrave items much larger than its engraving area would suggest. The increased impact pressure from the single diamond point opens up new possibilities for both gift engraving and industrial marking. Initial testing has produced stunning results in hard materials such as titanium and stainless steel, making it ideal for anything from watch backs to socket sets. Flat items can be held by the rubber-faced table, and large or irregular items such as tubing, wrenches and cutting tools can be secured in the centring vice. This vice accepts industry-standard jigs to further enhance the work holding capability.

"engrave a variety of materials including stainless steel, titanium, iron and more"

The MPX-90 is bundled with both MetazaStudio and Dr Engrave, two software packages which satisfy the needs for both gift and industrial engraving, with vector and bitmap design, output, text merging and sequential numbering features. If you are looking for versatility, ease-of-use and portability, this is the most versatile and affordable solution on the market.